Brides – Three Things You Need to Know

3 Things you NEED to KNOW!

1) Rentals – double check with your wedding planner that all items needed for your reception are available and ready before delivery. Make sure you have a contact number for emergencies and if they need to make a re-run on any items that were not delivered or misplaced.

2) Flowers – make sure they are fresh and not damaged or been refrigerated too long or been in and out of refrigeration. How can you tell, the tips of the flowers are brown or the petals are wilting.

3) Wedding Favors – Keep it practical and useful. Select gifts that will be meaningful to your guests so that they don’t place it in the closet. What’s always fun, gift cards as little as $5 (starbucks, bakery, etc.). This is wonderful for guests from out of town, they can go and enjoy it near their hotel.

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