Five Things Brides Need to Know

1)  Designate wedding dress transfer and appropriate garment bag in advance!

Many brides changes between the ceremony and the party. Or just might take the dress off at the end of the night. Make sure your bridesmaids place their dresses in a garment bag or a special bag for them to bring back to the hotel or home for you. NEVER place them in a garbage bag! It will be picked up and put in with other trash bags. It has happened. YIKES!!!

2)   Establish secure gift drop area and transferal of gifts!

Often people will be bring an envelope with cash or a wrapped gift for the couple. Designate a member of the wedding party to oversee the drop box and collection of gifts. Also, prior to the wedding establish who will be transferring wedding gifts to the designated area for the bride and groom and how they will get home. Best advice, someone who is not drinking.

3)   Lingerie Bag – Not what you are Thinking!

Keep slips, strapless bras, hoisery on hand for last minute needs in case someone from the wedding party forgets and any stains from a drink or eating mishap.

4)   Ring Pillow       

Make sure the rings can go on safely and securely before handing it over to your young ring bearer. PLUS, be sure to test out how easily the rings can be removed from the holders. Took the best man 5 minutes to get the rings out, he was beyond nervous…

5)   Review electricity and plumbing for at home weddings!

Make sure the DJ or band has their own designated electricity source or at the very least aren’t plugging into catering and lighting sources. Don’t want to short out the circuits. And regarding plumbing and septic tanks, make sure it is drained and washed out before your wedding day. Helps to avoid clogged systems. There is nothing worse!

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