Winter Design

Classic Elegance, Putting on the Glitz, Winter White, or A Walk in the Woods


It’s NOVEMBER 4th, there’s a chill in the air, and darkness sets at around 5pm.   We turn back the clocks on Sunday AND gain an extra hour of sleep, which means…the holidays are HERE!  Are you ready?  Let the decorations begin!

Décor trends run the gamut from simple elegance, glitzy, colorful to monochromes (white, white, white), woods to rustic.  Try some of these simple ideas to dress up your holiday table. Outfit them in festive, eye-catching ways that suits the season and your home.  Make sure the display have lots of textures, ad colorful arrangements and rustic elements.

Remember these few KEY ideas to create a dramatic table centerpiece:

  • Enhance your décor with layered textures
  • Don’t be afraid to scale it up
  • Mix your colors in a uniform way
  • Tweak traditions
  • When in doubt, stick with the classics
  • Be consistent, carrying a look throughout the room or space always looks best



For a sophisticated but not over-the-top look, balance the sparkle of metallics with natural elements, like fall branches or fresh fruit.  “Metalics add a great modern touch to a fall tablescape. Deep copper and bright bronze are a lovely additions to a traditional table. I prefer to bring in natural, textured elements like these seed-beaded placemats (TARGET or PIER ONE) so the table doesn’t get too glitzy.

In lieu of candle sticks, place decorative colorful ornaments (reds, blues, or golds) and place them on various candle holders that have been hidden in your cabinets.  Mix it up and borrow some from your parents or grandparents.



Snowy glitter and natural elements are a simple and understated choice.  Combine sparkling pieces (glittered branches with sparkling crystals, sequins, and beads) with natural branches and pine cones to create a magical winter wonderland feeling. The juxtaposition of the natural and the shimmering will dazzle your guest.



For added elegance, use various combinations of white, from icy winter shades to creamy neutrals.  Combine modern tableware with vintage serving pieces.  For example, an all white table with large glass cylinders field with various white holiday ornaments; try filigree, matte pearl, white glass, and antique ornament in white and silver.  Don’t hesitate to combine them with another colorful ornament, just be consistent.




Use real twigs in their natural state, mixed with white birch (top left corner). Create impact for large tablescape with dried, curly willow with hanging votives and even spring branches like dogwood.  You can consider even larger, flowering branches.  Remember scale, don’t beafraid to go BIG!


When customizing and designing my events, theflower district  in NYC, 28th Street (between 6th and 7th avenue)is my one stop shopping place.  Within a one block radius, I am able to select unique flowers, vases, wood branches, votives, candles, ornaments, shimmering sparklers and crystals, and so much more.

My favorite stores, Fischer and Paige, BJ Florist, and Associated Flowers, Caribbean Cuts. Everything is affordable and you can buy them in pieces (NO BULK Requirement).  Plus, you get to preview next season’s colors and textures….

Footnote:  My favorite time to shop is at 4am.  The selections of unique and exotic flowers are tremedous. It gets very limited by 8am.  It’s the nature of the beast…


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