A loaf of bread goes a long way…

While in line at Fairways Supermarket in Pelham today, a gentleman wearing dirty sweat pants and a torn sweatshirt was in front of me.  He was counting his change to purchase one apple and a baguette that totaled $1.95.  He realized that he did not have enough money and forfeited the baguette to the cashier and bought just the apple.

I quickly stepped in and told the cashier that I would pay for his baguette for him.  The cashier looked at me in a profound manner, not knowing what to do.  I told the cashier to scan the baguete along with my purchases and give the baguette to the gentleman with the apple.  The $1.50 was not important to me but the gesture was and when this kind soul looked at me and said, “I hope that I can return the favor to you one day”, it put an indelible smile on my face.

In the spirit of the holiday season, try being grateful and giving.  It does wonders for the spirit and soul!

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