Shades of Gold in Demand

Theme weddings and events are trending toward VINTAGE – think Mad Men, The Great Gatzby, or Cleopatra.  Theme events combines glamor, simplicity and intimacy and offer a unique experience for your guests.

Gold with earth tones floral accents – summer outdoor reception

Shades of GOLD – Colors that exude elegance, richness, and romance.  GOLD is the fastest growing color trend for weddings this year.   For a while, gold had become passé as platinum gained in popularity and silver made a resurgence. However, gold is back, and here to stay. It radiates romance, elegance, richness, and nobility.  Plus, it is one of the easiest colors to complement decorations and venues.  Not to mention that it balances just about any other color shades/tones you want to have for your wedding -white, ivory, red, chocolate brown, pink, turquoise, emerald, chartreuse, and so much more.

vintage lounge – touches of gold and shades of white and a splash of emerald

vintage gold and ivory, pink peonies for an outdoor summer dining tables

timeless, elegant, and classic, gold on gold with ivory -the gatzby era

Candles can highlight an outdoor setting


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