potato papaya IMG_3534

4 square apps IMG_3456I grew up making classic Thai cuisine with my family. But as I grew up, so did my palate.  Living in New York opened my eyes and my tastebuds to the wonders of the worlds’ many fascinating cuisines. My menus  today are a reflection of my lifelong experiences.  I like to highlight elements from my favorite cuisines and create exotic unique recipes. No one element rides higher than another but these dishes  appeal to just about everyone.

quail egg 2 IMG_3652
mellon prosciutto IMG_3451white spoons apps IMG_3440

Exotic Ambiance

Nisa’s incredible creativity allows her to blend eclectic cuisine, exotic ambiance and décor elements, and unparalleled gracious service to create a unique experience that will take you and your guests away to a faraway place.

Whether you are entertaining friends at home, celebrating a company milestone, product launches, or raising awareness for a beloved charity, Nisa can create a beautiful setting using silk fabrics, lighting, furniture and even artwork paired with gorgeous linens, dinner and stemware to create a magical setting you will not soon forget.


“One Night in Bangkok”                                        Summer Nautical Celebration

Turkish Red Elegance – Cabaret Night

Scarlett O’Hara Style Dining


Polynesian Escape…

Impeccable Service

True gracious service is a marquee element at every one of Nisa’s events.  The finest service should anticipate the needs of every guest with grace, poise, and pleasantry, while at the same time going largely unnoticed.


Hibiscus Champagne Tonic                    Island Splendor Martini with Fresh Orchid Lei Bracelets

Mango Lime Martini and Candied Ginger Raspberry Champagne

A great cocktail can set the tone and the mood for any party.  Nisa has concocted a number of delicious cocktails to suit the season and just about any occasion, like the Hibiscus Balancing Tonic she created especially for actress Halle Berry.  The recipe was later tweaked by adding Champagne for actress Vanessa Williams which graced the cover of InTown Magazine (above right).

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